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Home Again

Check out at our hotel in Istanbul was at 11:00am. Unfortunately, Nick and I slept in until 10:59. Oops! Luckily the staff at Med Cesir is really nice, and we were given an extra few minutes to finish packing.

I had received a note from Mark Morrison about the Istanbul Photography Museum, which he heard about from Steff Worthington, a cartographer who will be creating maps for Horror on the Orient Expressfrom a tip on yog-sothoth.com.

While the descriptions for the old photographs were limited (the accompanying blurbs were biographies of the photographer), the museum was really interesting. We saw photographs of Istanbul’s history, fantastic photos of Cuba by a Turkish photographer, and photographs of artificial landscapes.

After many more hours of travel we are home again. I have been reunited with Jack and Spike, two of Chaosium’s four security officers, and am trying to acclimate to this time zone. I will post again on here, and share in more detail our findings from Istanbul.

Jack the security guard takes a nap.


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Good Morning Istanbul!

Good morning from Istanbul! This morning I woke up to the sounds of the morning prayer. I am looking forward to breakfast, when we will make a game-plan for today. We are going to try to walk to our destinations as much as possible, as I feel you really get to know a city the more you walk it. Walking also allows you to stumble on sights you would normally zoom by in a taxi or on a tram.


Istanbul kitties, for your enjoyment.

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See My Cheese: and Other Parisian Things

Nick and I are currently in Paris, on a long layover. We arrived in the morning, and will leave early tomorrow for Istanbul. Our hostel is in the 18th district, on Rue D’Orsel. W have seen the Eiffel Tower, saw a statue of cultists (picture to be uploaded soon, as the connection cable is in my luggage that was sent straight to Istanbul), and have gotten an army’s worth of cheese.

We also took a gander at the Moulin Rouge (from outside only), and have had fun trying to figure out the metro.

Until tomorrow…when we take our first steps in Istanbul!


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A Postcard from Constantinople

We are busy little shoggoths here at Chaosium. While we prepare for our trip to Istanbul we are also working on various publications. I want to share an image for a postcard that will be included in the Horror on the Orient Express boxed set. The following image was created by the graphic designer Michele Johnson.

A postcard from Constantinople

A postcard from Constantinople

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Wool Socks and Winter Coats

With our departure a mere 2 weeks away, Nick and I are busy setting up meetings and planning the details of our research trip to Istanbul. While there we plan on visiting the Railway Museum located at Sirkeci Station, as well as the university library.

Seeing as how we were both born and raised in the SF Bay Area, we are also busy thinking about how to stay warm. My wool socks have been purchased, and I am glad I invested in a winter coat a few years ago for a trip to Iceland. (While on vacation I visited Pedro Ziviani, author of Mythic Iceland.) I may end up packing hundreds of hand warmers in lieu of other necessities (who needs more than one pair of pants, anyway?)

Check in here to follow along our journey.

Here is a view of Istanbul from the 1920s for your pleasure.

Hagia Sophia in the 1920s.

Hagia Sophia in the 1920s.




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But are not the dreams…

But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travelers notoriously false?
H. P. Lovecraft

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December 12, 2012 · 7:36 pm

Countdown…27 days until Turkey

Hello Kickstarter backers and fans of Call of Cthulhu!

Welcome to the Chaosium blog about Meghan (me) and Nick’s trip to Turkey. Here we will post images, notes, and ramblings about our discoveries.

Why the Heck are You Going to Turkey?

For those that don’t know, in August of 2012 Chaosium launched it’s first Kickstarter fundraiser for the reprint of the iconic game Horror on the Orient Express. We are very fortunate that we have such amazing fans, and we raised 1,000% of our goal, which allowed to offer great rewards for the fans that backed our fundraising effort.

With this reprint we are striving to be as authentic as possible with the look of the handouts and to create a magical gaming experience. We have experienced some difficulty obtaining images (even with the tremendous power of the internet), and so we have arranged meetings with various institutions in Istanbul. We hope to obtain images and details that will enhance the campaign.

When are You Going?

We will be departing from San Francico, CA, on January 2, 2013. Nick Nacario and myself (Meghan McLean) will be flying from SFO to Paris where we will have a crazy-long layover (where I may eat my weight in cheese), and then we’re off to Istanbul. We have a tight schedule to make the most of our short trip.

We will update the blog before our trip, documenting our preparations, and during the trip. While we are traveling we will be using mobile devices, so please excuse any typographical, syntactical, or grammatical errors.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Meghan McLean

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