Home Again

Check out at our hotel in Istanbul was at 11:00am. Unfortunately, Nick and I slept in until 10:59. Oops! Luckily the staff at Med Cesir is really nice, and we were given an extra few minutes to finish packing.

I had received a note from Mark Morrison about the Istanbul Photography Museum, which he heard about from Steff Worthington, a cartographer who will be creating maps for Horror on the Orient Expressfrom a tip on yog-sothoth.com.

While the descriptions for the old photographs were limited (the accompanying blurbs were biographies of the photographer), the museum was really interesting. We saw photographs of Istanbul’s history, fantastic photos of Cuba by a Turkish photographer, and photographs of artificial landscapes.

After many more hours of travel we are home again. I have been reunited with Jack and Spike, two of Chaosium’s four security officers, and am trying to acclimate to this time zone. I will post again on here, and share in more detail our findings from Istanbul.

Jack the security guard takes a nap.


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