Pudding for Dinner

Tonight we ate pudding for dinner. Nick had chocolate with raspberry jello on top, I chose a chocolate pudding that had vanilla custard pastries hidden within its depths.

We visited the University of Istanbul today. I thought we could check there to find old pictures from the 1920s. We wandered through the snow-covered campus, asking guards along the way where the library was located. We carefully navigated down stairs, around buses, and up alleys. Finally, we stumbled upon the library, sweaty from our journey and ready for the sweet relief of warmth.

I asked the lady at the information desk if we could enter, and said we were looking for old pictures. She answered in Turkish, with a perplexed look on her face. A group of university students stood nearby. One woman asked, “do you speak German?” “Nein.” I answered, to their amusement.

We were finally allowed into the library, where a man greeted us. “I’m looking for old photos,” I said. “Oh,” he replied, “our books are all locked up. But we have the Internet.”

We left, disappointed, but laughing to ourselves. We spent an hour trying to find the library, only to be presented with the Internet.

We then meandered to the Grand Bazaar, in order to escape the blustering snow. I picked up an old stamp, and was asked many times to buy a pashmina.

We ended the night in a calligraphy shop, where I got one of my favorite quotes written out. The shop is called Hat Yazi, and the quote is from Tolkein…Not all those who wander are lost.

I like it here, in Turkey. The people are nice, the food is good, and the scenery is amazing. Tomorrow will be our last day, and we have planned our one big work-free day (though maybe we will snag some good stories), and will be taking a 6-hour-long food tour of the old city. I can’t wait.

Me at the University.

Even in Turkey I cannot help but take pictures of dogs. I may be going through dog withdrawal.

This is a type of roasted nut that is sold everywhere. I did not like it.

The university.

Pudding for dinner.

The Blue Mosque in the snow.


The calligraphy.


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